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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Model Me Kids - Teaching Social Skills

My son Kyle is a high functioning autistic child, who at the age of 10 has had many issues with his behavior throughout the years. When Kyle was approximately six and starting kindergarten, we began to truly see the effects that autism presented from a social perspective. The early signs and symptoms of autism were already there so we felt we knew how to cope with an autistic child. However, his social development was a new chapter for us.
What ultimately began to surface was Kyle's inability to recognize the different facial expressions of his classmates and others around him. At first glance, we thought he would come out of the learning curve and be just fine, but this seemingly minor problem quickly escalated. His failure to correctly identify the expressions and emotions of his classmates, created a slow, progressive divide between Kyle and his friends. As the problem progressed he began to withdraw. Many times we would find him sitting by himself at lunch or at playtime, simply failing to interact with the class and his teacher.

With our concern mounting, we began reading articles about autism and social behavior. We read books on autism, autism research papers, looked at different autism treatments to help better understand what Kyle was facing, trying to understand how we could help in his quality of life. We looked at autistic camps and a variety of autism schools, believing they would have a better curriculum and better understanding of his needs and behavior.

On one particular evening, we attended an autistic support group in Scottsdale Arizona. A wonderful group who encouraged us to bring Kyle along so he could interact with their own autistic children while parents discussed their concerns, trials and tribulations along with their many successes.

With over 40 families in attendance, I was a bit overwhelmed with the multiplicity of children at all levels of the autism spectrum. This was the first time that I had been in the company of such a diverse group. Several of the kids were diagnosed with Asperger’s, all with a varying degree within that diagnosis. The remaining were challenged with autism. Some were high functioning autism kids like our son Kyle. Several were non-verbal or had repetitive behaviors like tics and stimming, then there were those dealing with social interaction, all of which I would learn so much more about in the following years with Kyle.

As the meeting was wrapping up, my wife and I began to visit with parents individually. We met a couple that in the recent past, had very similar issues to our own. They told us about a video library called Model Me kids which positively changed their son’s ability to manage his social behavior around his friends at school and suggested we review their web site. The following weekend we got online and discovered that Model Me kids was a well recognized organization with a highly knowledgeable team of professionals dedicated to producing affordable quality training videos specifically for autistic and Asperger children.

Model Me kids is a series of DVD’s designed as teaching tools for children, adolescents and teenagers with Autism, Aspergers, PDD-NOS, Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NVLD or NLD), and developmental delays. These DVD’s are used by thousands of therapists, parents and teachers to help prepare kids for the social behavioral problems most autistic children face.

With Kyle’s immediate need to recognize the different expressions and emotions of his current classmates, we were pleased to discover that Model Me kids had a DVD set specifically designed for his current issue appropriately called, Model Me Faces and Emotions™ - so we purchased a copy. (Ultimately, we purchased the 2 box sets)

Model Me Faces and Emotions™ is an inexpensive video designed for ages 2-8 and introduces a variety of faces and emotions, featuring children 2-8 in age. Every emotion is demonstrated in a variety of situations. Model Me Faces and Emotions™ is helpful for children with Asperger Syndrome and Autism because it helps promote a simplification of a variety of emotions kids and adults have.

Its difficult to express the difference this one DVD set made in helping Kyle understand his friends and family. He enjoyed watching the videos and asked to watch them even over some of his favorite cartoons and shows. Barney and TelaTubbies were quite frankly driving my wife and I nuts.

Anyway, as I mentioned, Model Me Faces and Emotions™ is designed for 2-8 year old and really it’s just the tip of the iceberg in an incredible series of DVD’s designed to help kids who struggle with social insufficiencies, all the way up to 9-17 in age. Like our friends child, these early development DVD’s made a significant impact on how our child learned to interact with his friends and family members.

Through the last few years, as Kyle continued to experience new challenges with social behavior, Model Me Kids was there for us with a whole library of key videos, which address specific challenges that most autistic and Asperger children face today. 
These DVD’s were instrumental in Kyle’s incredible development and saved us thousands in therapy and frustration. Today Kyle is in the public school system. As of last week April 2011, Kyle made the A’s honor roll. He’s playing sports, has sleep-over’s and hangs out with friends both at home and online with Playstation 3. We could not have done this without Model Me Kids. PERIOD!

Both my wife and I encourage any parent or teaching staff struggling with these issues to visit Model Me Kids and watch the demos available for each DVD set. These videos are a tremendous help to any child challenged with autism or Asperger Syndrome.

Below is a list of other DVD’s and teaching manuals/ student workbooks from Model Me Kids.

2 box sets are also available to help save money since you most likely will want them all anyway.
Set 1 contains the entire series for children 2-12
Set 2 contains the entire series for children 9-17

Children 2-8

Children 5-12
I Can Do It! ™  (* Highly recommended)
Time for School™ (* Highly recommended)

Children 9-17
Model Me Conversation Cues® (* Highly recommended)



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